Aixia develops smart tools and software that help companies and organizations realize, grow and accelerate their AI-projects. With our smart orchestration, resource and data management solutions we make sure our customers reach results faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

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A versatile tool that will help to maximize your organizations AI-initiatives.
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From data to information via knowledge and insight, comes wisdom.
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Bringing AI together

Aixia is a joint venture between CGit and Asymptotic, bringing together AI-veterans and infrastructure specialists with AI pioneers from the automotive industry.

Aixia can realize your AI initiative, from A to Z, faster, more accurately, with higher efficiency and at a lower cost than any other solution out there. Contact us to find out more.


Our mission and vision

Creating the best AI experience

Aixia will provide superior tools, software, and services, within AI and Machine Learning. These tools and services will help our customers save time, money, and valuable resources. We provide these tools and our services to customers worldwide to Create the best AI Experience.