From Data to Wisdom

From data to information, via knowledge and insight, comes wisdom. Wisdom is the most refined, and hardest to reach form of data. Naturally, it is also the most valuable, expensive, and sought after.

Refine and find value in data

With the advent of the information age, the amount of data available to us has exploded and continues to rise exponentially over the years. Thanks to new technologies we are not only able to produce, and collect, enormous amounts of data but also make sense of it. Because of the rapid progress in the development of AI, propelled by new computational technologies like the GPU, we can now refine, and find value in data that was impossible to find just a few years ago.



The more data – the better

However, new problems have surfaced – to develop AI, you need data, LOTS of data. The more data, the better. But all that data is not only hard to collect or generate – and we haven’t even touched upon storing or moving it – but you also have to know what data is more valuable than others. How can you find just the data you are looking for when there might be many petabytes of it? What if rules and regulations demand that you anonymize certain data? Where do you store the data and how do you access them so that you can achieve these features without investing a huge amount of money in the infrastructure hardware, development, and maintenance?

This is where SnapXS will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.


Key features

Smart Differential Scaling

Thanks to smart differential scaling, SnapXS will help you optimize and make use of your resources in a much smarter way. This can be translated into less investment in new datacenter hardware or cloud services, and it will also help you make better use of the resources you already have. This feature will analyze your data and determine what resources are optimal. Data engineering is made easy!

Small footprint

SnapXS is very lightweight and can therefore be the perfect tool to run on your edge devices. Imagine being able to sort and select data where you collect it and only send the most valuable back to the datacenter. That would probably save a lot of time and resources, right?

Super Flexible API

Our API is extremely flexible which means we will adapt to your needs – not the other way around so that Integration will never be an issue.

Image Anonymization

Automatically anonymize image-data that have been collected and make sure that you are compliant to privacy rules and regulations.

Web Interface

SnapXS has a responsive easy-to-use web-interface that gives you quick insights of your big data. You can easily browse, explore, manage and showcase your petabytes of data with just a few clicks. It also enables efficient cross-team communications and saves you significant amounts of working hours!


Need data annotation to bootstrap your AI development? Worry not! SnapXS provides standard data annotations out of the box!

Object Detection

SnapXS can detect Objects in images, videos and 3D point clouds as bounding boxes in real time using online algorithms. The size, distance and heading of these objects can be used as inputs for automated decision making.

Semantic Analysis

Find meaning in your data and make your search for valuable data more efficient.

Advanced post processing

Use some of the SnapXS Advanced Post Processing methods to save time and valuable training resources (like GPU-time).