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AIXIA to deliver a project regarding quality control using AI

Aixia has been commissioned to carry out a project regarding quality control with the help of…..
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Craft meets Tech - Oceanbryggeriet's new beer "Yes AI Can" is produced with the help of AI.

AI is something that is talked about in several different industries, but there are…

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We have been nominated for "Tech Company of the Year" by Tech Awards Sweden. The winner…..
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Welcome Karl Griphammar to the Aixia data science team

Welcome Karl Griphammar to the Aixia data science team working with deep learning verification and testing…..
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Aixia assists University of Gothenburg with AI for climate economics research

Aixia will help researchers at the Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg to…..
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New technology and research will reduce injuries

The newspaper TTEla draws attention to our collaboration with the company Sansera in Trollhättan, which manufactures…..
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AI Made In Sweden

This is a recording of the live online event held together with Mobile Heights on the…..
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AIXIA plays key role in Stena Industry Innovation AI project.

CGit owned company AIXIA today scored a deal to head a project that will use cameras…..
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CGit launches new software company!

Together with Asymptotic, CGit starts a joint company. The company, called AIXIA, will offer a software…..
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