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AIXIA to deliver a project regarding quality control using AI

Aixia has been commissioned to carry out a project regarding quality control with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Aixia will deliver the entire project from start to full production, which includes project management, data collection, data power, software, development and security.

The customer, which is active in the circular economy and is located throughout the Nordic region, plans to introduce AI together with AIXIA in a pilot project in Sweden.

"We are very happy that we now have another opportunity to showcase the business benefits of AI and extra fun that it is in the circular economy field, something that rhymes very well with our ambitions in sustainable development," says Petter Ahlén, business area manager for AI and Enterprise at CGit / Aixia.

"This is completely in line with our plan to build our knowledge within in AI / Deep Learning", says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO of CGit.

For further information, contact the Company at:
Phone: 031-762 02 40


Aixia develops smart tools and software that help companies and organizations realize, grow and accelerate their AI-projects. With our smart orchestration, resource and data management solutions we make sure our customers reach results faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

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