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We have been nominated for "Tech Company of the Year" by Tech Awards Sweden. The winner will be announced at the TechAwards Gala on March 22nd.

The nomination is as follows:

Innovators who challenge the familiar. Companies that see tech and digitalization as an excellent means of getting people, companies, and society to reach their full potential. This year's tech company is TechSweden's special award that goes to a responsible company that cares about employees and the environment, has a positive growth and can demonstrate measurable results.


CGIT is a Gothenburg-based technology company that has taken up the fight with big giants in AI. Through Aixia, a joint venture with the AI ​​company Asymptotic, CGIT has taken the first steps towards delivering AI as a service to Swedish industrial companies and is one of the few companies in Europe that can deliver AI solutions from data centers, via MLOPS tools, to applied AI. The company develops tools and software that help companies and organizations realize, grow and accelerate AI projects.

The company is part of a project in quality control for automation in the automotive industry and in a project in AI-based climate economic research. The fact that it has been chosen as one of three strategic partners by Sweden's national center for applied AI, AI Sweden, is proof that the company is at the forefront.

The finalists have been selected by a well-known jury after an extensive nomination process.
More about the jury here:

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