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AIXIA plays key role in Stena Industry Innovation AI project.

CGit owned company AIXIA today scored a deal to head a project that will use cameras and AI to inspect and make sure that the production, in a customer production site within the global automotive industry, meets their very high demands in quality. The project is being done in cooperation with the international testbed Stena Industry Innovation Lab, Chalmers.

The Stena Industry Innovation Lab, or SII-Lab for short, offers top opportunities for the Swedish industry to test digitalized production for the future. "We are very excited to be able to demonstrate AI applications to create innovative and high-end technology solutions to increase Sweden's competitiveness within industry4.0" says Åsa Fast-Berglund COO for SIILab and professor of Smart Automation in Production systems at Chalmers.

AIXIAs highly skilled Deep Learning and AI Engineers will collect data, such as images and video, and with the help of our in-house developed new smart tools for data management, SnapXS, be able to ensure quality control on a completely new level, fully automated. “This is great first step for newly formed AIXIA and we really look forward to apply AI to Swedish industrial production” Says Mattias Bergkvist CEO of AIXIA.

AIXIA is a joint venture between CGit and Asymptotic and focuses on software for Machine Learning Operations or MLOps. The tools developed by AIXIA helps organizations in their AI projects. AiQu is a smart, lightweight, and easy to use scheduler and orchestrator that ensures that all resources are utilized in the best and most effective way. SnapXS is a data management platform which adds automatic annotation, image anonymization, object detection, smart differential scaling and much more. These tools help AIXIAs customers and clients to reach results and realize their AI initiatives faster and cheaper than with other tools.
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