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CGit launches new software company!

Together with Asymptotic, CGit starts a joint company. The company, called AIXIA, will offer a software platform for development that complements CGits offering of AI Infrastructure. Through AIXIA, we further strengthen our unique position in the market.

The software platform is an ML Ops solution for companies and organizations that work with AI. Our leading AI infrastructure solutions, together with the new software solutions, mean that we can now offer the market a complete AI infrastructure with associated tools for orchestration and data management. This makes us the only Scandinavian company with a complete AI-Infrastructure and AI-Development offering and it has been proven and tested thoroughly in real world scenarios.

The first tools offered through AIXIA are the "AiQu" and "SnapXS" solutions.

AiQu is an advanced scheduler that drastically reduces the complexity of planning and using powerful computing resources. It simplifies everyday life for Deep Learning teams and IT organizations by reducing complexity while increasing efficiency.

SnapXS is a data management software package that enables efficient use of Big Data in an AI ecosystem. It provides easy access to petabytes of data. It enables easy search, filtering and data sharing with little effort. SnapXS will significantly increase the data-related return on connected data investment by maximizing the value of data, reducing development costs, and shortening production time.

Together, SnapXS and AiQu offer a turnkey solution that gives you a head start in your AI development.

“We are very pleased to be the first Swedish company to offer a complete and proven AI infrastructure solution and ML Ops platform that is offered both as a service or on site at a customer”, says CGits CEO Mattias Bergkvist.

For more information or reach out to us through any of the channels below where you also can find a lot more information about our offerings.

AiQu and SnapXS explained

More videos about AiQu:

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